Z&Z Research

Z&Z, with 30-year efforts devoting to products and reputation, has become a trustworthy and reliable partner for all the major fashion brands.

Z&Z has always been keeping pace with the times and walking with the wise,


and we believe Z&Z will still stand towering in the forefront of the times,

providing the first-class products and service in the next 30 years or even longer.


Domestic leading, international striving for first class

Original Plant Design

Original Plant Design

Respect knowledge

creation and intellectual

It is the driving force for enterprises to never run out


Z&Z Focuses on intellectual property and technology patents,

The company began declaring technology patents in 2002, Now has 162 patents

utility model patents

appearance patents

ntelligent production lines

Aluminum products

Invention patents

Our Commitment

Delivery time of mold development:  60days
Delivery time of sample:15days
Delivery time of skin-care product:  45days
Delivery time of sprayer peoduct:35days
Delivery time of metal product:30days

Mold design delivery time

Skin care products delivery time

Home&Personal Care products delivery time

Aluminum products delivery time

Sample delivery time

Material Research

Z&Z, Focus on research and exploration of different materials, perfectly present design results



From mold processing to injection molding and automation, to mass production of environmental protection aluminum oxide material products


Z&Z innovate and never stop

Production Process

Z&Z,emphasize innovative equipment input in production line,emphasize the fine operation of the scientific coordination of the assembly line. Domestic and foreign leading six technologies make the perfect products.

Quality Inspection

Z&Z, Strictly observe 30 stringent quality and technical tests. Quality assurance for every factory product.